The Decontaminator® specializes in the performance of Commercial & Residential Disinfection Services and provides the high quality personalized care your business and family deserves. With our experienced team observing the best practices and utilizing one of the best known technologies and disinfectants on the market, you can rest assured that your health and safety is in good hands. Our passion for excellence is manifest in the quality of our work and we aim to exceed customer expectations.

We service all types of businesses in virtually every sector and take great pride in keeping our community healthy and safe! As proud members of the Brampton Board of Trade and Caledon Chamber of Commerce, we work to make routine preventative disinfection services sustainable for businesses without compromising quality and continuously work to improve our service offerings through ongoing education on how to leverage the best practices, technologies and disinfectants to safely and effectively disinfect spaces.

In a climate rife with exploitative opportunists making exaggerated claims such as instant disinfection and 30 days of lasting residual effects, we value integrity, safety, quality and excellence above profits and prefer to err on the side of caution when extolling the features, benefits and advantages of our offerings. 

Our Disinfection Specialists are ready to serve you 24/7!

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